About Me


On this page, you’ll find a (mercifully brief) overview of who I am and what Vintage Vet was set up to do.

History and Ethos

I was an enthusiastic tinkerer with valve equipment when I was a kid, and could bore you rigid with tales of the all the radio sets I pulled apart and - of course - couldn’t get to work again. However, assuming you aren’t too unlucky or too stupid to learn from your mistakes, you progress. And so it was with me, Gentle Reader: I soon got good at fixing valve radios, record players, radiograms...you name it - if it had valves in it, I’d have a go.

That early interest has stayed with me throughout my life. I started offering a commercial repair and restoration service about 25 years ago, relying mainly on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers to bring in the work, together with an occasional advert and a couple of links to my email address from other people’s websites (thanks, guys). In 2006 I finally got round to doing my own website, and a nightmare it was, too. However, the outcome was a whole bunch of new customers and a steady stream of work, so what am I complaining about?

Don’t let the above mislead you: Vintage Vet is not a hobby or amateur business. It’s fully professional and all my work carries a no-quibble 12-month guarantee (more on that on the Services page). The point I’m trying to make is that the business is carried on by someone who’s been a lifelong enthusiast for this kind of equipment and knows it inside-out. Because I’m an enthusiast, I enjoy what I’m doing, and so I don’t take short cuts, I don’t do shoddy work, and I don’t overcharge for the work I do.

Vintage Vet

Repair and Restoration of Valve Audio and Radio