On this page are links to various websites that I think are useful or interesting. If you have a question about a specific piece of equipment, manufacturer or whatever, don’t forget that Google Is Your Friend. Someone, somewhere has probably posted the information you need... (Actually, I’m not sure Google is my friend. I prefer DuckDuckGo as a search engine, purely on the grounds that unlike Google, DDG doesn’t track you or pass your details to advertisers.)

N.B. I have no connection with any of these sites, so can’t take any responsibility for their content, good or bad. Inclusion here is not an endorsement!

Sites with information about valve equipment and restoration

Tony Thompson’s site:

Paul Stenning’s site:

Martin Francis’s Vintage Wireless Database:

Ernst Elb’s Radio Museum:

Each of these sites contains a long list of further links, so that with care you can avoid useful work indefinitely!


Couriers and Carriers

Package-booking websites (for radio-sized items):

Man-and-van booking websites (for radiogram-sized items):



Well, there’s me, of course...

Valves and other vintage components:

Valves and vintage components from Germany:

Across the big pond lies Antique Electronic Supply:


Other Stuff

Interested in vintage radio programmes? BBC Radio 4 Extra carries a wide variety of classic comedies and drama. In the U.K. you can access R4 Extra in a number of ways, including access via the internet through BBC iPlayer:

You can obtain your own copies of vintage radio programs from a number of different sources. One example is Old Time Radio - a U.S. site that carries a huge number of American shows (and a good number of British ones, too)


Vintage Vet

Repair and Restoration of Valve Audio and Radio