Conrad-Johnson MV55


Here's the other side, showing how the same process has been gone through here, too.

Now it's rant time. Like a lot of modern valve hi-fi, this is a very nice amplifier but it's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll - the good guy - is a fairly straightforward valve amplifier whose design hasn't developed in any hugely significant way since the 1950s. It's made from good-quality components and works well. Hyde - the bad guy - is a completely baroque transistor-based power supply which feeds the valve amplifier. It is not only overdesigned for its intended purpose but is also largely unnecessary anyway (in my humble opinion). It seems to me (and I'll be the first to admit I may be wrong) that because modern amplifier designers can't improve significantly on the valve parts of the circuit, they justify their existence by going over the top on the other bits. And guess what - in my experience it's almost always the transistorised elements that go wrong, not the valve elements.

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