Mandello 02


Before we get to the amplifier, though, let's have a look at the turntable. This is badged 'Grundig', but we all know it's really a Philips. The usual advice, if asked to repair a Philips turntable, is that you should back away slowly and then turn and run. There's nothing wrong with them as turntables - they play very well - but oh, what pigs they can be to fix. A lot of restorers won't touch them.

As it happens, though, this one was a pussycat. Very straightforward. However, because the servicing of the turntable isn't the point of this repair story, I won't go into any more detail about it (or for that matter any of the other bread-and-butter work involved in getting this 'gram to work properly again). Suffice to say it turned out well.

Vintage Vet

Repair and Restoration of Valve Audio and Radio