Mandello 08


Here it all is back in the box. Now you can see why I made the new amplifier physically small: even though the radiogram is a whacking great big lump, the makers haven't allowed very much room for the works. The slot you can see in the wooden base (running across from roughly bottom left to centre right) is the slot that holds the back cover in place - everything to the right of that slot is outside the back cover and from our point of view, completely wasted space! Nevertheless, enough is as good as a feast, they say, and the new amplifier fits snugly behind one of the loudspeakers. The valves are offset to give maximum clearance from that selfsame loudspeaker.

In terms of sound quality, the radiogram is every bit as good - and probably better - than it ever was, and for the first time in it's life will be completely reliable. Here's to the next fifty years!

Vintage Vet

Repair and Restoration of Valve Audio and Radio