Pye Black Box


And then we move on to the pick-up (the device that turns the sounds encoded in the record groove into electrical signals that the amplifier can work with). The photo here shows the replacement pick-up that I've fitted within the original headshell.

A word to the wise. Almost all the pick-ups from machines of the 1950s and early '60s need to be replaced, full stop. Even if they're still working (and some of them still do), they are not designed to play stereo records and will irreparably damage them. And no, it isn't just a case of replacing the 'needle' (or stylus). Unless you only want to play 78s or ancient mono singles or LPs, the whole pick-up needs to be replaced with one that's 'stereo-compatible'. (In case you're unsure, a stereo-compatible of pickup will play ALL types of records perfectly safely.) Perhaps because of the increasing popularity of vinyl, stereo compatible pickups have become quite expensive lately. Don't curse me about the price of these - I have to buy them too!

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