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The latest announcements about Vintage Vet including stuff for sale and any requests for equipment or spares I want to buy.


02 May 2018 - New email problems: this time, self-inflicted. Having gone and changed my primary email as detailed below, I then went and wrote it down wrong here on the website. Complete idiot or what? My mistake was that I put a (not-existent) dot between ‘vintage’ and ‘vet’in the ‘vintagevet09’ email address. THERE IS NO DOT, you idiot!!!  Quite apart from the embarrassment, I dread to think how much time people have wasted trying to contact me on a non-existent email address.

For the avoidance of doubt, my email address is simply

02 January 2018 - email problems! Over the past few months a number of people have had problems reaching my email. Rather than faffing about with it, I’ve decided to cut my losses and give out as my primary email. The gmail account has been active for years and has never given any problems, despite my sometimes unkind  words about Google.

01 January 2018 - Another revamp! I’ve added some interesting 1960s material from Mullard’s ‘How it Works’ series of pamphlets, which explain in layman’s terms such things as how valves work, how radio works, and so on. If you’re interested in a gentle introduction to the technical aspects of this subject you’ll find these worth a look. I’ve also included yet another repair in the Repair Gallery. This one was a real doozy. 

17 April 2015 - a major revamp! I’m sorry to say that a lot of it represents the triumph of style over content (in other words, it’s the same old site tarted up), but apart from that there are a number of changes and additions - look out for the new repair in the Repair Gallery for one.


Parts for sale

Despite a note on the old FAQ page of this site to say that I DIDN’T supply parts, I was always getting emails and phone calls to ask if I had a spare such-and-such that I would sell. I’ve decided I may as well go with the flow!

Valves: I have large stocks of valves going back to the 1930s. Let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can do. What I DON’T have is stocks of ‘desirable’ audio valves (such as 300Bs; PX4/PX25s; KT66/88s, Mullard EL34s/ECC83s, and so on) so if these are what you want, you need to look elsewhere.

Capacitors and Resistors: Most of the usual suppliers can sort you out with the ordinary kinds of these, and at a better price than I could. However, if you need unusual values or specific, authentic types, it might be worth contacting me.

Wound components: I have some stocks of good used tested mains and output transformers. I’m NOT able to supply transformers to match the kinds of audio valves listed above.

Parts to fit specific equipment: Large stocks of vintage knobs - send a photo if possible.

Stuff not mentioned here: Ask!


Equipment for sale

Given the current popularity of vinyl, I’ve started to keep one or two record players in stock. These are fully serviced by me and carry exactly the same 12-month guarantee as the rest of the equipment I repair and restore (see the Services page for the details of my guarantee). As well as servicing the mechanics and electrics, I also clean up the cabinets so that they look presentable. What I have in stock changes fairly frequently, so there’s llittle point listing it here - there’s a fair chance that that if you were interested in something you saw here it would already be gone. if you are interested in purchasing a record player Contact Me and I’ll tell you what I have available.


Hi-Fi: I’m sometimes in the market for sensibly-priced valve Hi-Fi. Obviously, and unlike most buyers, I’m in a position to accept faulty or cosmetically-challenged equipment. What ya got? (Perr-lease, no chancers, duckers-and-divers or wide boys hoping to take a mug to the cleaners. Don’t forget, after twenty-odd years of doing this every day I do have a fair idea of what’s what.) On a more positive note, I won’t try to take advantage of your ignorance, either - Unlike some dealers I could mention I won’t be trying to talk you out of a mint pair of Quad IIs for a fiver. You’ll get an honest appraisal of what your item is worth to me, and an explanation of why.
Nothing much else I need at the moment, apart from World Peace. Oh, and a big lottery win would be quite acceptable


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