Usually, I just fix ‘em up and off they go, never to be heard of again. That’s fine by me - but occasionally, for one reason or another a customer does get back to me to say thanks. So what follows here is a selection of what our ancestors might have called ‘Unsolicited testimonials, the originals of which can be inspected at our offices’. It really was a more leisurely age, wasn’t it?

We begin with a blush-making testimonial that arrived recently.

Discatron Discasette Deluxe miniature record players: For anyone who is in need of a real expert who knows their job inside out, I can heartily recommend Neil Fairley. After searching on the internet for some considerable time, I came across Vintage Vet and thought I would make enquiries. I had two much loved, but old and battered Discatron portable gramophones. After Neil has worked his magic on them, they are now not only as good as new, but better than new, as he has added one or two  improvements, to a design fault and performance wise, they are now 100%.
Don't get me wrong, a good restoration is not cheap, but nether is it extortionate and if you want the best then you have to pay for it.
It is quite obvious that Mr Fairley really enjoys his work and puts a  great deal of care and effort into each project that he undertakes.
So a very big "Thanks" from me, I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone. I will certainly be keeping your address for the future.

Leak Stereo 20 amplifier: Just to let you know, the amp is working fine. I didn’t have time to set it all up immediately, but have now set it running into the Wharfedale Laser 100s. A very nostalgic sound! Thanks again.

JVC radiogram: Dear Neil got home safe n sound with my radiogram. Still sat with it on now. I can’t thank you enough I am absolutely delighted with your servicing. Many thanks.

Hacker Super Sovereign: The radio arrived today and sounds superb. Thanks for a great job completed very promptly. A pleasure to do business.

Bush DAC41 and VHF41 radios: Many thanks for the work you did on my Bush DAC41 & VHF41 sets, both are working beautifully. I don't think you would find a better service and value for money anywhere.

Dansette RG65 and Hi-Fi record players: Finally got round to using record  players (been decorating) they are working well. Once again the aroma of warm  rexine and wood, PRICELESS !!!!

Grundig Stereo Concert Boy 4000 radio: The Grundig arrived safely and sounds and works superbly! Many thanks again for doing such a super job on it.

Boots portable record player: Hello mate, just wanted to say thanks again for repairing my mums record player, it sounds great and she is thrilled to bits with it!!

Siemens table-top radiogram: Thanks for making such a splendid job of the Siemens gram. It looks wonderful and sounds even better.

Philips Stereogram 642AT: What can I say! Absolutely fantastic!! Played 1974 Brian Ferry LP picked up in charity shop last week but in very good condition! Wow!! Also the radio is excellent - sounds like many radio stations including as you say, my husband's favourite Classic FM. Television - what television - a thing of the past!  My son (23) was extremely scathing when he saw the stereogram in its first condition - in fact  he told us to get rid of it - he will have to eat his words (out of bounds for his vinyl though! Many thanks again for your efforts.

Cossor 501 & Bush VHF 61 radios: Neil, many thanks for the repairs to my Cossor 501 & Bush VHF 61. I use them every day on AM, about 10ft apart in "Stereo". Its been nearly a year since your work on these sets and they have both performed  wonderfully. Keep up the good work.

Philips 341A radio: What a wonderful radio it is now, I never really have appreciated its history. It will be a lovely piece of furniture in our home from now on. You have restored it beautifully. Thank you so much.

Panasonic transistor radio: Radio received this morning, I've plugged in and it sounds great - as well as looking a good deal better minus a few years accretion of gunge! A good job well done. Thanks for the prompt and efficient service.

Pye VHF2D stereogram: Thank you for all the work you have put in to get our stereogram working as well as it does. It does sound fantastic; we have spent hours listening to records already. Need to go and buy some more now.

Beomaster 900K radio: Neil the Beomaster is working very well, no problems at all now and I use it every morning in the kitchen.

1965 Corvette car radio: Neil - Its in and sounds great. With sidepipes to compete with its got to have some oomph mind you!

Cossor radiogram: Many thanks for the record gram maintenance it sounds awesome

Telefunken Bajazzo 56 radio: Have tried it out and works perfectly. Very many thanks for doing a good job.

RCA AR88D and Bush VHF54 radios: Both sets arrived in full working condition and have performed wonderfully. The Bush works perfectly; the magic eye opens out almost fully. The strongest response to the set from visitors though, is a 'coooo' of delight when the dial lights up! Most of them have never even seen a 'Magic eye' -that's progress. The RCA just gets better and better as I learn when and where to listen. All the best to everyone, and thanks again for all your help.

Grundig 3028 radio: The radio is now a handsome focal point in the lounge. And it sounds surprisingly good too to someone used only to digital sound in recent years. Many thanks again for such a wonderful restoration.

Sinudyne table radiogram: Just to say the radiogram is working beautifully. You did an excellent job. My sixteen year old is playing an Edith Piaf record on it as I write.

Allocchio Bacchini radiogram: I wanted to let you know that I'm fully enjoying my radio and that the sound is absolutely brilliant. Thank you again for your great job.

Murphy A100 radio: Thank you so much for your excellent work on my A100.  It has now assumed its rightful position - on show for all to see. I have to say that "Test Match Special" on Radio 4 has never sounded so good!!

Nordmende Rigoletto radiogram: I just wanted to email and say thank you for everything with regards to the restoration of our radiogram. Its in our lounge and we’ve not stopped using it since last week. We’re both absolutely delighted with the sound and feel of it! The quality of your work, communication and advice is a credit to you and I wouldn’t hesitate in offering your services to anybody I know who needs something similar doing.

Cossor Melody Maker 549: Just a note to say we received our radio yesterday - we are delighted at the condition you have restored it to and thank you for your excellent service.

Superla FonoJet record player: Many thanks for the exemplary efficiency. We may well be back to you again in the future.

Tube Technology Genesis power amplifiers: Neil - just to let you know, the amps are back in harness and performing wonderfully, if there's any difference in the sonic character as a result of the different valve type it's undetectable to my ears, they just sound great. I can't thank you enough!

Fisher 500C tuner-amplifier: Hi Neil, Just to say thanks for the great job on the Fisher. It sounds wonderful playing records and the radio sounds better than it has ever sounded before.

Pye CR86L car radios: Hi Neil Thanks very much for all your efforts to rescue the radios. You've done a great job.

Marconiphone 911 radio: Neil, It arrived this morning, and is working well - thank you. It's certainly somewhat more sensitive - I haven't played with it a lot, but it picked up Radio 4 LW and several German stations on SW, as well as several more stations on MW.

Marshall Plexi guitar amplifier: Hi Neil took the amp out Sunday evening and it was unbelievably superbly wonderful in every way (apart from being too heavy....) Several people asked me where I got it and what it cost etc etc. They never mentioned it when I took it up there before. Thankyou.

Tandberg tape recorder: Thank you for not only the skill your work shows, but also the evident love you put into it.
Philco 444 'People's Set' radio: Hi Neil I received the set and it is working perfectly. dad was speechless with it! again thanks very much for the wonderful service you provided!

Eddystone 740 radio: The Eddystone you did for me looks and sounds like a dream..!

Linear Super 50 guitar amplifier: Plugged amp into cab and guitar into amp - and it all worked. Sounds super and so good to have it back in working order again. Many thanks for your help.

Pye P53 radio: Hi, Neil, Thanks very much for your help and quality service. I enjoy the radio most days.

Fada catalin midget radio: HI Neil - I have just got my radio back - many thanks for a superb job it is excellent!

EMG radiogram: Many thanks indeed for the work on the radiogram.  It seems to go fine and so far I have not experienced any repeat of the problems we had been having.

Bush VHF61 radio: Thanks again for the quality of the work you did on this.

Rogers Cadet III integrated amplifier: Hi Neil, Amp is still running beautifully.

Regentone 99 radiogram: hi neil, just to say thanks for the repair job. am well chuffed and enjoying the sounds of years ago. thanks again.

Hacker Super Sovereign radio: Thanks for repairing and servicing my Super Sovereign. I've been listening to it today and it sounds really good. The mains hum is now gone - not noticeable at all which is great news! Thanks...

Blaupunkt A51EM car radio: Hi Neil, Thanks for your speedy service.


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